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After a long absence, the crime drama has returned to theatres with the tense thriller Siya. The movie's plot focuses on Siya, a poor seventeen-year-old girl. Under the pretense of obtaining employment, the local MLA plays his game and kidnaps her against her will. Daily, she is raped by the four boys raised by the MLA gang. After Siya chooses to fight for justice, several events transpire rapidly. The movie's language is excellent, and the courtroom drives the plot ahead.

The most notable part of the movie is that it appears incredibly realistic. The depiction of the police and politicians' attitudes in this movie surpasses many other successful movies and web series. The well-written lines, characters, and scenarios keep the viewer entertained most of the time. The writing and direction of the movie Siya are excellent overall.

Both songs featured in the movie Siya are incredibly passionate. These torture and gangrape scenes give viewers the chills. Siya may not be a fantastic movie for everyone, but it deserves credit for highlighting an important topic. This movie also encourages women to advocate for themselves in the face of political pressure and personal adversity.

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